Welcome to HLG Solutions

HLG Solutions provides new media and performance based marketing initiatives to help companies(targeting the Hispanic and non-Hispanic markets) increase their bottom line revenue.


Services Provided


Providing targeted and qualified lists to assist clients with their Telemarketing, Direct Mail and mobile (SMS) campaigns

Generate qualified leads and sales based on a Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Sale model.

Implement and maintain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns

Assist in the e-mail, banner and CoRegistration media buying process

Support clients in the development of PPC campaigns involving all major search engines as well as new coming Social Media networks

Facilitate and maintain new Partner relationships and marketing opportunities for clients.

Provide Call Center solutions to clients for their lead generation, outbound and inbound needs.




HLG Solutions develops integrated performance-based marketing strategiestargeted to the U.S. Hispanic, Latin American and general markets. The firm offers customized models and services to address the specific business needs of its clients, including Cost per Action (CPA), Cost per Lead (CPL), Cost per Call (CPC), among others.

Through our operation model, we generate thousands of potential customers that are interested in listening to special promotions and offers from our clients, producing a strong buying intention.

We offer a new avenue for generating additional sales for companies that have already completed investments in their operational platforms, bringing 100% incremental revenue from preexisting investment directly to the bottom line.