Mobile Marketing

HLG Solutions is able to reach the Hispanic and General Markets in the US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America and other worldwide countries through Banners and Search mobile marketing campaigns.

HLG Solutions pay-for-performance campaigns on mobile devices are run as click-to-call on either display banners or search media

HLG Solutions can also set up mobile campaigns where the banner leads to an actual WAP landing page on the mobile device to generate a lead

HLG’s global network reaches the Hispanic and General Markets in the US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America and other Worldwide countries

Our payout models for mobile media are based on a Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Call basis

The payout includes the creative development of banners and Landing pages as well as translation services when necessary.

Mobile Media – The Numbers

Numbers are already huge

  • 90% of Americans own a cell phone
  • 70 million go “online” monthly via cell phone
  • 3.5 billion text messages sent daily

Mobile search outperforms Internet search via PC

  • Response to mobile search ads is 2-10x higher
  • Higher response across all brand metrics
  • Action to call is immediate to the click on mobile search

By 2013

  • The world is projected to use mobile phones as a primary source for internet instead of a PC

The Hispanic Market

  • Recent studies from the Mobile Marketing Association show that the Hispanic market segment use the mobile phone more than other demographic groups



Mobile Search

HLG Solutions will implement a pay-for-performance search campaign on mobile devices to initiate a call from the consumer to the advertiser’s call center.

HLG’s search campaign will use Keywords previously approved by the advertiser as well as search Ads that the consumers will click on

Keywords and Ads will comply with Trademark and Branding restrictions (if applicable).

HLG will absorb 100% of the implementation costs as well as the necessary media buys to generate the qualified calls

HLG will purchase media on a Pay-Per-Click model from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and other mobile platforms.

The advertiser will only pay for calls generated that last at least 60 seconds or more once connected to a live agent.


Search Sample

Below is a sample mobile search campaign within Google Mobile for Allstate. When the consumer clicks on the Ad it immediately initiates a phone call to Allstate on their phone.