Our Network

INTERNET: Email, Banners, Search, Contextual, Co-registration, Rich Media Able to target to the Hispanic and General Markets in the US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

CALL CENTERS: Inbound campaigns that receive more than 200,000 calls monthly.

PRINT: Over 600 publications available

POTENTIAL: To transform between 15% and 20% of the inbound calls to new incremental cross-industry customers.


Internet Lead Generation

CPL Campaign across the following media: Email, Banners, Search, Contextual, Coregistration, Rich Media

Capability to target the Hispanic and General Markets in the US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America

Payout is based on a Cost Per Lead or Cost Per Sale model

The suggested payout per registration to generate the most number of registrations varies depending on the number of fields collected and the filters included in the generation of leads.

The payout includes the following services:

  • Creative development including graphic design and copywriting: includes Landing Page, 8 banners, 4 HTML Emails, 4 text emails, 4 pop-unders and search keywords.
  • Assigned Account Manager to be the point of contact for the campaign
  • Affiliate Manager to recruit affiliates to run the campaign
  • Campaign Analysis and optimization

Our affiliates consist of the top portals, traffic brokers, search marketers, and email marketers globally, who work with us to execute campaigns on a pay-for-per performance basis



Qualified Lead Generation From Call Centers


List Brokerage

HLG Solutions is able to provide lists for Telemarketing and Direct Mail campaigns focused on the client’s target market. We can select lists from various demographic segments, life changing stages, ethnic backgrounds and many other self-reported data points.

HLG Solutions will present a recommendation of different targeted lists that are specific to the offer being promoted through the Telemarketing and/or Direct Mail campaign.

HLG Solutions recommends testing small set of leads from 2-5 different lists to compare results for the initial campaign. Lists will vary in price and response rates

HLG Solutions is able to promote the company’s services/products through its various call centers on a Cost Per Sale model